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AASHMAN FOUNDATION We are Aashman Foundation a joint efforts from a group of human towards Humanity with mission that every weak human must have support so that he or she must recover from hard time with positive energy and in skilled way.

Below are the vacancies available👇🏻

1) Social Media Marketing – Minimum 3Months

2) Human Resource – Minimum 6Months

3) Sales & Marketing – Minimum 3Months

4) Fund Raiser – Minimum 45Days

5) Videography – Minimum 30Days only available in panchkula, chandigarh, mohali

6) Stop motion graphic – Minimum 60 days

7) Video Editors – Minimum 60 days.

💡AASHMAN Foundation , a group of people Who works for the upliftment and betterment of the less-previleged people .

💡The Foundation has conducted plethora of projects in previous years . Now we came with the another fresh project i.e. Internship Programs.
💡Different departments for internship :-

  1. Human Resource (6 months minimum requirement)
  2. Sales & Marketing – 3 months
  3. Fund Raiser – 45 days
  4. Video editing – 60 days
  5. Social media marketing – 3 month
  6. Slow motion graphic – 60 days
  7. Videography – 30 days

💡Certificate of completion will be provided at the end
💡It is an unpaid internship
💡Flexible hours of work
💡Rewards and scores will be provided to you on the basis of your performance
👉🏼 Phone or Laptop
👉🏼 Good Internet


before filling below link once share your details at


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Aashman foundation -interns(volunteers)