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relational operators in c

These are the operators which specify the relation between operands. These have a return type of 0&1 where 0 signifies that the relation is false and 1 or other non zero result signifies a true relation. Here is a list of relational operators supported in C : Equals to operator (==) Not equals to operator …

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Arithmetic operators

arithmetic operators in c

What Are Arithmetic Operators ? Arithmetic Operators are the operators defined to perform arithmetic operations on the operands. + : Addition – : subtraction * : multiplication / : division % : modulus / remainder Precedence of these operators with associativity from left to right in decreasing order is : Try your code here. Try …

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Unary Operators

What are Unary Operators ?

Unary operators have the highest precedence in the operators list i.e. these are the first operators to be executed in any expression. These work on single operands and are therefore known as unary operators. These are of various types, the most common ones being : increment (++) & decrement (–) operators. They are further classified …

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Operators made easy!

operators are the special characters which are used to perform various operations on our data set or operands. Operators in c can be broadly classified as – (the mentioned list is in the decreasing order of Precedence) Unary Operators (++ /– …) Arithmetic operators (+/-/*…) Bitwise operators (~ / | / ^…) Relational operators (</>/ …

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data types

Welcome to Data types

These refers to the type of data that can be stored in a variable. Every type has specific usage and needs different amount of memory space. For instance int will store only integer values and no strings or real values, hence they also provide a check for the type of data used. In C, these …

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Welcome to Keywords

Keywords are the reserved words that have a special meaning or purpose in the programming language. The meaning of these words are already defined to the compiler, hence we can not use reserved words as variable names as if we do that we are trying to convey a new meaning to the words which is …

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Confused between C Tokens ?

The basic and the smallest units of C programming are the tokens. These provide some predefined meaning to the interpreter. Everything which you come across while writing a program can be regarded as a token. There are 6 basic C tokens: Keywords Identifiers Constants Strings Operators Special symbols


Welcome! to C-Programming

C-Programming language has been designed and developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Laboratories in 1972. In 1982 a committee was formed by ANSI to standardize the C language. Finally in 1989 the standard for c language was introduced by ANSI as C. C language is the middle level computer language. It reduces the gap between …

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